old_catalog_1920One of our customers has this old catalog of CLEMEN & JUNG found when he goes retired from the law enforcement, and sent us a copy of the old and one of the first catalogs. We are happy to share this with all of our friends and fans and of course every one who is interest in history too public, because it is our company’s history an is important to us because it’s shows our company evolution vary detail. Most of the CLEMEN & JUNG products in this old catalog out of 1960 years are of course old and out of production for ever, but two of than have survived No.1 (Nr.1) and No. 6 (Nr. 6) and enjoying collectors or law enforcement museums. CLEMEN & JUNG represents the politics and culture and heritage to preserve and decided these two products continue to produce for this purpose

If you want to buy one of these products, simply click on one of the two photos.

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